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The Gulf of Orosei is located in the north-east coast and since 1998 is part of the National Park of Gennargentu www.parcogennargentu.it, one of the most spectacular parks in Italian, which includes mountain areas and coastal wild and unspoiled of outstanding natural beauty . Among the most picturesque beaches and coves that we recommend you visit: Cala Ginepro and Cala Liberotto, with thick pine forests and lower seabed, which allows the visitor to discover surprising transparency of the sea in its multiple manifestations of blue and emerald green, Biderrosa of the protected area (which includes 5 different beaches, white sand beach, lapped by a rich Mediterranean vegetation and from the pond of "Sa Curcurica" of great interest for its birdlife), Cala Osala, surmounted by '”Nuraghe” where you can enjoy a splendid view over the coastline, Cala Luna, backed by its characteristic pond surrounded by beautiful ol eandri pink and fuchsia, Cala Mariolu, whose beach is made up of tiny pink pebbles, which has spectacular Goloritzè cliffs and peaks from the singular forms sculptured by the wind and the sea, until you get to Capo Monte Santu with its fjords accessible only by small boats. We look forward to discover together the wonders of this beautiful area where nature still reigns supreme!

Orosei | Sardinia

Useful Information
Population 6.982 (06-2012)
Density 77,21 ab./km²
Area 90,43 km²
Altitude 19 m s.l.m.


Orosei has a rich history and events often follow a profile in which the religious character is complemented by the secular aspects of the holiday, without ever losing the deep roots immersed in tradition.

Event Period
Sant'Antonio Abate January 16
St. James the Apostle (Patron Saint of Orosei) July 25
The festivities in honor of St. Isidore Mid-Mayo
San Gavino November


There are 17 churches consecrated, 7 of which have relatively large size:

  • the church of St. James the Apostle, dedicated to the patron saint of the country
  • the church of Sas Animas
  • the church of the Rosary
  • the church of the Holy Virgin of the Remedy
  • the church of St. John the Baptist
  • the church of Saint Anthony Abbot
  • the church of St. Anthony of Padua
  • Nuraghe Rampinu
  • the village Nuraghe of "Sa Linnarta"


Numerous sports activities present in Orosei: the best known are the butt, with the ASD Fanum Orosei, which plays in the Sardinian regional championship and first-class companies pallavolistiche of Sirius and VBC Orosei Orosei, which predispose an excellent youth sector are also now sport fishing, cycling, "shooting" and the company's basketball "Basketball Orosei." Orosei also hosts a stage of the 2007 World Championship Triathlon called "X Terra Italy", in the "Biderrosa."